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Peter Ajello

Pete Ajello, Owner Of Satin Finish Concrete Invites You To Watch Us Live in Action

Peter Ajello

Satin Finish Concrete takes Pride in Documenting all of our projects with before and after full HD video and pictures to share each floor and project as it is seen through the eyes of Celebrity Pete Ajello as an art. Peter has been on over 5 National TV Shows and is a people person who loves the camera so is a perfect fit for your viewings and commentary on our new Satin Finish Concrete YouTube Channel. Peter and Satin Finish Concrete have been doing this for quite some time now and have over 100 videos to share for your next project or just entertainment, Satin Finish offers over 75 to 100 references of all local projects here in South Florida that come with there introduction package which also contains there licenses and insurances which is a tough thing to find in Florida, and separates them from the rest of the Cowboys out there trying to keep under the radar without proper paperwork or an established company.

Contact Peter Ajello for a free estimate for epoxy concrete flooring, Terrazzo and Marble restoration and interior or exterior painting 954-678-8160.

So we invite you today subscribe to our channel on YouTube and enjoy our videos.

Also feel free to check out Peter's personal YouTube station with over 300 inspirational videos and National TV Appearances.

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