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Peter Ajello

Satin Finish Owner Peter Ajello Unveils Beautiful Terrazzo Floors for Local War Hero!

Peter Ajello

Peter Ajello has appeared on the podcast, Lifecast with Bret Michaels, The Doctors, Dr. Oz, Today, NBC and Fox News. During that time, Peter has met a host of famous artists, musicians and celebrities but this past week, however, a chance meeting with decorated Iraq War veteran and former 1st Lt. Miguel Santana has proved to be among the most memorable and poignant of all.

As the owner of Satin Finish, a Fort Lauderdale, FL company specializing in terrazzo, epoxy, marble, concrete, flooring and painting services, Peter Ajello was called to assess a project at a Fort Lauderdale property owned by Miguel Santana. A close inspection revealed that the floor appeared to have beautiful terrazzo under all of the tile and dirt. Peter provided Miguel with an estimate, along with an introductory package that included licenses, insurance, references, and links to before-and-after pictures and videos on YouTube and Facebook. Peter strongly feels this is a prerequisite in an industry rife with so-called flooring, concrete, tile and painting ‘specialists’ lacking proper documentation, licensing, insurance and integrity.

After accepting the offer, Miguel sat down with Peter, and they began chatting about their lives and families. After sharing their respective life-and-death experiences, Peter was awestruck to be in the presence of a war hero who fought brutal missions and saved many lives as part of the 1st Battalion, 36th Infantry Regiment in Ramadi, Iraq, a hotbed of insurgent activity during the Iraq War.

Since Satin Finish employs the #1 terrazzo and marble installers in South Florida, Peter dispatched top installer Andres Sandoval, who has been with Satin Finish for the past five years, to immediately commence work on the project. This particular project took an extra few days, as there were many deep stains. Andres was able to remove the stains without leaving even a single ghost line where the tile existed; the mark of perfection on such a project. At the conclusion of the project, Miguel and his lovely wife were thrilled at the outcome, and Peter was both honored and proud to perform work on behalf of such a brave and humble soldier!

As we approach the 15th anniversary of 9/11, Peter and the entire Satin Finish crew would like to honor those who perished in the attack, along with all of the brave soldiers and fallen heroes past and present who’ve valiantly protect our nation, the world, and its people under the harshest and most dangerous conditions.

Article By: Gregg Havass

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