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Can Epoxy Be Installed Over Tile?

Katie Howe

One question Satin Finish Concrete hear almost everyday is “Am I able to have epoxy installed over tile?". The short answer is YES!!

Which is what you were wanting to hear right? But….

As you know we are always 100% upfront and honest with our clients! So here are a few reasons why we suggest paying that little bit extra to remove your tiles to make sure your floors are… well… floor-less (flawless / Floor-less get it?)

  1. Epoxy resin has to be able to “stick” / bond to the existing flooring. Tiles come in all shapes, sizes and finishes. THE most common being glossy/glazed/shiny.

    Therefore most installers including ourselves would grind the tile right back to its base. Which takes a little longer in the process as any area left un-grinded the Epoxy Resin will not bond.

  2. When grinding the tiles right back to their original surface, 90% of the time they will crack, chip or lift up. If this happens, then it is imperative all the tiles are lifted!

  3. Tiles can enhance the shape of the floor. As crazy as this sounds, but also at the same time makes sense… Tiles can extenuate the shape of the tiles when epoxy is applied.

    That gap between each tile where the grout is - is not level with your tile. This may only be a slight difference, however sometimes this can be visible! This is known as “Ghosting” or “Ghost lines” in the industry which are Visible grid patterns, so you have to be very careful when applying these types of floors over tiles.

    Satin Finish Concrete is recognised as being South Florida’s best epoxy installers, working for many high profile companies, which you will have the chance to peruse through at the bottom….But We didnt get this status for nothing! So if you are absolutely positive after this article you want to go ahead and have Epoxy Installed over tile… GET A PROFESSIONAL! There are many tricks within the trade that can give you a close to perfect look.

    The best advice we can give you is to just remove the tile. It will cost a few bucks more but believe us, it is less hassle and way cheaper than having your dream floors installed and seeing imperfections due to your tiles.

    Satin Finish Concrete will remove the tile and dispose onsite to make sure the installation process is as pain and hassle free as possible for our customers.

    Check out the first stages of the epoxy installation process below.

Satin Finish Concrete, 5 star customer reviews. Best in the business for floor prep and epoxy flooring installations!

If you are looking for a quote for your epoxy installation whether the process involves tile removal or not. Give us a call today and receive a FREE quote or check out our get an email with your instant quote today by clicking here

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